Web Creator's History

Luminous Design has enjoyed serving a range of businesses over two decades in various constructs of it’s operation.  We have truly enjoyed every second of this journey.

Having started tinkering with website creation from the early days of Netscape in the mid to late 90’s, it recently became apparent that “Luminous” had been a part of the web ‘watching it grow up’.  Ha, what a privilege! We adopted the early ‘fledgling WordPress’ as it evolved from it’s very first version, right up to the modern platform it has become. In 2021 it suddenly struck us that the 23 year journey was in fact history in the making and needed to be cherished and valued…

We can’t wait to see what the web brings over the next decade or two.

It always was our belief that the small things mattered, and when you take care of those, big things fall into place with much more ease and grace.  With that closing thought; LD has now reached the end of an era and for that, we thank you.

Take care, LD.

Archive – Fun Vintage Design Projects

Search Engine Friendly

Well constructed code and design elements ensured search engines and users alike loved the site.

Content Readability

Crystal clear content and information ensured site visitors could find exactly what they needed, when they needed it.

User Experience Tested

We always tested site function through a verified usability test group to ensure UI flow before full site handover.

We Still Love WordPress and Woocommerce

All our private business eCommerce sites are developed exclusively using WordPress/Woocommerce. Here’s why:


Robust Code Architecture

WordPress and Woocommerce are some of the most preferred, mature systems on the web.



Flexible and Expandable

Both systems are modular and adaptive and able to expand as your needs change.



Used by Many

Individuals to large corporations the world over rely on them day in, day out. They power over 40% of the web.


Luminous Design