Website Designer & Marketing

Luminous Design is a website designer in North East Victoria providing design and SEO services for your business or group.

Our job is to create a effective web site that will connect you with your existing and potential customer.

We have a vast amount of internet experience and know what your visitors will expect when using your web site.

Engage Your Customers

We think it is important to understand the difference between your business goal, and web design hype. We can appreciate the value in painting a stunning picture of aesthetic beauty with your web site, if that suits the sites intended purpose. At Luminous Design we believe it is equally important to provide a tool that looks good, and functions as an effective customer focused portal.

If you are ready to “Make your website work for you”. Then lets be fearless and dare to make it a resource which your customer will refer again and again.

Ask how we can start growing your business now.

Your Business Goals

We utilise the dynamic WordPress web platform tailored to support your overall business goal.

Effective Design and Layout

WordPress offers extensive flexibility in design architecture with code tailored for the benefits of HTML5, now and beyond.

Mobile Device Ready

Phone, Tablet or Web. Your site will look great for every type of user no matter which device they use to view it.

Search Engine Friendly

Well constructed code design ensures the search engines love your site as much as the end user will.

Content Readability

Don’t give your visitor another reason to leave your site. Remove the often overlooked barrier by making sure your content reads crystal clear.

User Experience Tested

Experience matters. Go with a web designer who knows what today’s web savvy visitor wants.

Versatile Options To Self Manage Your Website

We develop web sites exclusively on the WordPress and Joomla platform. Here’s why:


Robust Code Architecture

WordPress and Joomla are the most preferred, mature systems on the web.



Flexible and Expandable

Both systems are modular and adaptive and able to expand as your needs change.



Used by Many

Individuals to large corporations the world over rely on them day in, day out.


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