Creative Website Design

The Luminous Design Mission

Our mission is really quite simple. Listen carefully then create a plan to deliver that message to your web audience.

Of course the mission is simple, and creative website design is very important. But it’s the delivery part which is the challenge that really makes the difference.

When you ask a web savvy person to make you a website, they will answer “sure, I can make you a website”. You will then say “great, how much will it cost me?”. But here’s the important part.

If the web designer provides you a figure without first asking about your business and what you need the site to do, you can almost be sure that you will not get the result you’re after when the project is ready. Yes, you will get a web site, but it may or may not fulfill the needs your business requires without a clear target first being established.

Why? Because the designer will create your web site based on a generic “price based” template, and possibly not the setup you need. It does not mean the price for your website will always be excessive, but providing website services is not like selling a physical product. The nature of requirements just doesn’t work best for customers if approached that way. You must be made aware of options to minimise the surprises down the road.

Imagine a traveller asking for directions, without first telling the person where they want to go. They’d almost certainly get an answer that won’t match they’re destination. True?

Luminous Design always ask questions first, then shoot price based on what you need. It may initially cost a little more than a generic website setup will, but it will save you lots of frustration and money in the long run. Guaranteed.


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