Creative Website Design

The Luminous Design Mission

Our mission is really quite simple. Listen carefully then create a plan to deliver that message to your web audience.

Of course the mission is simple and creative website design is very important, but it’s the delivery part is the challenge that really makes the difference.

Quite often when you ask a web savvy person to make you a website, they will answer “sure I can make you a website”. You then may ask “that’s great, now how much will it cost me?”.

Now here’s the important part. If the web designer gives you a figure after a very short conversation, you can almost always be sure that you will not get the result you’re after when the project is ready.

Why? Because the designer will create your site with his or her price in mind, not based on what you will actually require.

It’s like a traveler asking for directions without first knowing where they want to get to. You will always get an answer based on what the other person wants, not where you need to go.

Luminous Design aim to ask first and shoot later. Ask us to take our best shot with your next design project now.