Website SEO, Marketing and Getting Traffic

The natural follow on from designing your website is getting people to find it. Website SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) or marketing is a great way to achieve this.

In reality the process is quite simple. It starts with the copy, and ends with the copy. There you have it, we’re all done!.. Well maybe not quite that straight forward.

You may notice I said the process is simple but I didn’t say easy. It takes time and effort to write interesting content that match the search phrases of your potential customer with the purpose of your website.

At Luminous Design we are big fans of the KISS method. We believe the most effective method for writing great copy is to keep it genuine and authentic. So if your web content is good for your readers, chances are that the search engines will also like it.

Are you ready to “Make your website work for you? Then contact us today and we’d love to show you how…

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