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The internet has exploded a new way of life for us all. To effectively promote your business, creativity or service it’s expected that people can find you easily online.

The web has matured and visitors expect to find the information they need quickly. They insist pages load fast and that they can interact with your site without jumping through technical hoops.

So much is now possible with web 2.0 and it has created many advantages, and it’s important to remember that old web practices simply will not cut it any more. To fully take advantage of the new technology you need to know where advantages of ‘function and form’ lie. In other words, you must understand it’s strengths and weaknesses or you will create a mess with many concealed flaws.

A great website is like an iceberg; many people only ever see the tip! However it’s the hidden mass that produces most of the invisible problems. Issues that extend way beyond the most obvious.

Luminous Design offer a smart range of services and pricing to help you be more creative and get the exposure you need. Contact us now and find out how we can help deliver your creative message.


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Luminous Design has been developing small to medium business websites for over a decade, with has a strong understanding of what it takes to connect you to your customers.

Effective website design is more than a great looking site. You need to find out what your customers expect to see when they use your website, and try best to match the expectation with your content delivery. This is what we view as ‘website design with a purpose’. Contact us to find out how we can help your business grow.

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